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Marketing Services

Marketing of your commercial property should be at the highest level, as this is probably one of your most important and valuable assets.

By hiring a broker you are putting your real estate and financial affairs in the hands of someone else and have to give up some degree of control. Even though you know you may need outside expertise, emotionally it's not comfortable to put your affairs in the hands of others. Dan Kruse will do everything possible to help you eliminate, or at least reduce that feeling with constant communication throughout the marketing process.

Some of the elements of a marketing program may include:

Notification of all Lee & Associates personnel, notification of all commercial real estate brokers in the area and outlying areas as well, signs on the property when appropriate, a color brochure including the floor plan, notification and publishing in all of the multiple listing services, (approximately 34), direct mailing through US Mail Service, personal canvassing (walk in cold calls), advertising in various magazines and trade journals, a custom website for the property, the possibility of a broker open house, broker bonuses, and additional items that the typical commercial real estate broker will not do.

Dan Kruse brings what he has learned from the Wharton business school of marketing and applies it to the marketing program to directly benefit you.

If you have any questions about the marketing process for your specific commercial property contact Dan Kruse today.


"Thank you for the valuable information you brought to us for our upcoming project."

Anaheim Research Project for Park expansion


"Thank you for helping us with site locations. We have been very happy with the results and look forward to continuing our efforts."

Sold facility in Anaheim


"Thank you for selling our Anaheim facliity. You got us a much higher price than anticipated."

Sold facility in Anaheim