Relocation Analysis

 Buyer or Tenant Representation 

Dan Kruse has extensive experience representing buyers and tenants in the expansion or consolidation of their facilities.

It is important to understand every aspect of your company’s operational needs to be able to deliver the ideal real estate solution.  Assisting with evolving facility needs such as leasing or subleasing excess space or renegotiating lease terms to minimize occupancy cost.

Understanding your requirement ensures that you are presented with ideal alternatives ultimately saving your time and your money. All aspects of your operations requirements and goals will be reviewed to align them with the proper facility supported with the correct zoning and functionality suited for you.

Important factors to consider:

  1. Size of building (office vs. warehouse)
  2. Building amenities such as telecommunications, loading, clearance, electrical power, yard area, and surrounding business support.
  3.  Location: such as transportation routes, transportation cost and shipping logistics.
  4.  City zoning ordinances:   Where can your business locate?
  5. Governmental Incentives: Can your business obtain any tax incentives from the city or other governmental agencies?  Can you take advantage of governmental bond assessments or tax credits from the city the property is located?
  6.  What is the employee pool and commute time?
  7.  What are the various ways to finance the purchase of a facility?
  8.  What is the difference between a gross lease, an industrial gross lease, and a net lease?
  9.  What is the actual tax rate for this property?

These are just a few of many questions you need answered prior to making an offer to purchase or lease any commercial property. Dan Kruse can help you navigate through this and negotiate the best possible transaction for you.

Dan Kruse’s comprehensive property database insures that you will see all of the various opportunities currently on the market for sale or lease AND those unpublished, upcoming availabilities as well.

Substantial Benefit 

Buyer and Tenant representation is exactly what it sounds like. It is a type of commercial real estate brokerage where an agent focuses solely on the needs of the Buyer or Tenant rather than being tied to the interest of the Seller or Landlord.

Dan Kruse acting as a Buyer or Tenant representative specialist, has only one party’s interest in mind… Yours.

Since Dan Kruse works for you, he is charged to aggressively respect your interest in the negotiating process and keep your confidence and push for terms that meet your needs instead of the Seller or Landlord.

With assertive Buyer and Tenant representation, you can obtain the best results many times saving thousands of dollars when compared to working with the Seller or Landlord’s representative.

Since the commission gets paid by the Seller or the Landlord, working with Dan Kruse as your representative when purchasing or leasing a facility, it is almost always free to you. Thus, Buyer and Tenant representation is a prudent and financially smart decision.

In summary, Dan Kruse can negotiate on your behalf to maximize results such as cost reduction, minimizing risk, minimizing disruption to your operation, timing the market cycles, finding the “value added” to the transaction, and creating flexibility for future expansion or reduction.

If you have any questions about purchasing or leasing a commercial property contact Dan Kruse today.


"Thank you for representing the city on our sale of property in the downtown / rail area. We are very pleased with the better-than-expected results."

Sold Buildings in Placentia

Pacific Symphony

"We feel your professionalism and market knowledge enabled us to make the right decision and get the best deal available."

Leased Offices in Santa Ana


"Your knowledge and contacts with the city enabled us to move without hidden costs and code surprises."

Represented Goodyear in Purchasing building in Anaheim